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Our Mission 

Facilitate helpful, robust & honest discussions that bring about

better approaches in the planning of and impact of

Change & Transformation in people, teams and organisations. 

Our Vision

Work with clients that help challenge us to be the best we can be,

all the while developing new and innovative ways to improve the

change journey for the benefit of the people and our environment. 

Our Values

Growth and Integrity 

We have found through a lot of revisions, everything that is

important to and about us can ladder under both of these

core values. is a leading Change and Transformation Consultancy that craft Organisational Change solutions as well as Executive and Team Coaching programs, delivering comprehensive, rapid, and enduring individual and organisational change.

We collaborate with our clients to devise and execute strategies that align with their vision and goals, and generate new sources of value. We aim to foster a culture of change that mobilises and engages employees, stakeholders, and customers, tracking and evaluating the impact of the transformation, and improving throughout the project's life cycle.

We help to overcome the common challenges that compromise success, such as resistance, complacency, misalignment, or ineffective execution. has a proven track record of working across industries including fintech, professional services, global retail, manufacturing, etc., and with various sectors, SMEs, multinationals, public bodies and NGOs. Our recent projects include; Organisational Restructure following a merger, HR Strategy rebuild, ICT integration, along with a number of Executive and Team Coaching programs.

Sue McLoughlin MBA

Founder and Managing Director

(MBA, PgDip, BSc, ICF Accredited, Dip Personal, Business & Executive Coaching, Dip Team Coaching.)

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