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Hourly Rates &

Plans Available

Hourly Rates &

Plans Available

Executive Coaching


Executive and Career Coaching is one of the most popular and successful coaching packages we provide. Sponsored by your organisation or privately booked, my clients pursue a clear agenda focused into their progression with their Leadership & Management skills and Professional Relationships linked to career path progression. 

Our coaching sessions bring Clarity, Develop Confidence and sets Accountability.

Coaching helps you to push forward, making your professional life a happy one. It gives really opportunity to feel connected to your career, as see it as a very positive feature in your day to day life. 

Take the Step, book a programme for you and for your career today. 


Team Coaching

Team Coaching has never been more important than now. With Team Coaching is about partnering with a specifically trained and skilled Team Coach so they can give an objective voice to the team's dynamic, and support each others involvement to realise above and beyond the expectations for the teams' output.  

Step by step your Team Coach enables each team member's voice to be heard in a constructive framework, disagreements to be openly discussed without judgement, leading to agreed commitments and accountability within the team. 

Team connections can be so proactive, supportive, promoting learning and belonging, and there is nothing wrong with seeing that teams need support getting to that level, actually its leading with deep foresight to engage a Team Coach to level up, invest in your talent and therefore the organisation. 

Our aim is to work with your team that is in the unique position to deliver individuals aspirations in tandem with the teams goals and objectives.  

If ever there was a time its now!

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