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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered

Why do I need to hire a C&T specialist for my change project?

The long & short of it is, your organisation gets a growth partner that not only vastly accelerates the project through its lifecycle, but elevates the experience for everyone involved, and makesure that knowledge is stored in the people and the organisation so can be tapped into for continuous growth & development. 

Ultimately, working with a change and transformation consultant can help organizations to achieve their strategic goals more efficiently and effectively, while minimizing risk and maximizing impact.

How can we get employees to buy into the changes we want to make?

To get employees to buy into changes, it's important to involve them in the change process and to provide them with a clear understanding of why the change is necessary and how it will benefit them and the organisation as a whole. This may involve communicating the vision for the change, engaging employees in the design, planning and implementation processes, and providing training and support to help employees adapt to new ways of working.

What are the key risks and challenges when implementing change?

Some of the key risks and challenges to be aware of when implementing change include focusing on the solution instead of properly investing in design and problem analyze, inaccurate resource planning, resistance to change from employees or stakeholders, lack of buy-in or support for the change throughout the projects lifecycle, inadequate communication or planning, and failure to effectively manage the transition process. It's important to be proactive in identifying and addressing these risks and challenges in order to ensure the success of your change initiatives.

What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is a professional development process that involves working one-on-one with 1 of our experienced coaches to help executives enhance their leadership skills, develop their potential, and achieve their career goals. Often it is sponsored by the company, but not always, and whilst the focus is developing the executive's leadership abilities and helping them to navigate the complexities of their role, coaching will stretch into most aspects of life. The sessions are confidential, and for reporting we support the line management communication on goals and expectations.

What is team coaching?

Team coaching is a process that helps improve the performance and effectiveness of teams by enhancing their communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. It involves working with a coach to develop a customised plan that addresses the team's specific needs and goals. The focus is on building a high-performing team that can work together effectively to achieve their objectives. Team coaching can be especially beneficial for teams that are struggling with conflict, low morale, or poor performance. By investing in team coaching, organisations can build stronger teams that are better equipped to meet the challenges of today's business environment.

How can we measure the success of our change initiatives?

Measuring the success of your change initiatives will depend on the specific goals and objectives of the change. This may involve tracking metrics such as employee engagement, productivity, customer satisfaction, or financial performance. It's important to establish clear performance indicators and to regularly evaluate the impact of your change initiatives in order to make data-driven decisions and adjustments. There are also huge intangible returns on investment from creating an environment that people feel safe to truly add their full value. 

How can we ensure that our change efforts are sustainable over the long term?

To ensure that change efforts are sustainable over the long term, it's important to build a culture of change within the organisation and to incorporate change management principles and practices into your overall organisational strategy. This may involve developing change management capabilities within the organisation, establishing a process for continuous improvement and feedback, and regularly evaluating the effectiveness of your change initiatives.

Is hiring a Change & Transformation Consultant expensive?

No, like any personal or business growth project it is an investment with a clear and tangible ROI. In fact it is a expensive not to hire a Change & Transformation specialist for your growth project. 

At we are a business and we care about our bottom line, which is thriving because we know with our expertise, our approach, and our constant leadership throughout your project that your success is realised faster and at a much higher level than if you went it alone. Actually in most projects we save our clients significant amount of money by eliminating unproductive spends, and streamlining the process so not just our value gets shared but the value brought by all stakeholders is facilitated through fluid information and logistics flows.  

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